Info for Participants

Plain Language Statement for project as approved (DSC CHEAN B 20772-04/17)

Our names are Jolynna Sinanan, Jessica Noske-Turner and Edgar Gomez Cruz. We are researchers at RMIT University. The title of our research is Digital Footscray. This project explores how people use digital technologies (like smartphones, public wifi) in Footscray, and how organisations and people use digital technologies for positive social change. This project is funded by an Enabling Capability Platform Grant, from RMIT.


The purpose of the research is academic. The results will not be used for any other commercial purpose. People from all walks of life, who use digital technologies a lot, or a little, or not at all, are invited to participate.

You are invited to participate. During the period of research we will take notes, take photographs and take video of your uses of digital technologies, your experiences of living and working in Footscray, and your ideas about social change. Images and videos may be used for academic purposes including on publicly accessible webpages (conference presentations, in publications, on research websites, etc.). Your real name will not be used.

Ceasing Participation

Your participation is entirely voluntary. If you do not wish to be included please notify Jolynna Sinanan ( You may withdraw your participation at any time.

Your Privacy

All information you provide will remain confidential, unless we must release information as stipulated by law. Information gathered in the study will be kept in locked cabinets and password protected computers, and will only be viewed by the researchers and their assistants. All published work that reports on the research will use pseudonyms to disguise the identity of the participants, however it is possible that people who know you well may be able to identify you from contextual information. You can choose to have your face blurred out in photographs and videos.

No personal information will be collected. Once we have completed our data collection and analysis, we will import the data we collect to the RMIT server where it will be stored securely for a period of at least five (5) years. We may use the anonymised data in future research. If you would like to see the results from the research, or any data collected about you, these are available on request.

Who are the Researchers?

The study is conducted by RMIT University. The lead researcher is Jolynna Sinanan and she can be contacted at this email address: 

If you have any concerns about your participation in this project, which you do not wish to discuss with the researchers, then you can contact the Executive Officer, RMIT Human Research Ethics Committee, Research & Innovation, RMIT, GPO Box 2476, Melbourne 3001 (email:; phone 03 9925 2251) Details of the complaints procedure are available at: